Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogging Virgin...

(((Dipping Toes in the water)))) Hey everyone! This is my first ever blog, besides my rant and raves on Myspace HA. This blog is going to be about me and of course my weight loss journey BUT I promise it will be more than just that.

Let me fill you in on my back-story. I am 28 years old and have always yo-yoed in regards to my weight. After a really bad breakup back in 2005, I decided to make a change and I did! I went from around 220 to 138 (YAY ME lol) but in the past year I have gained 20-25lbs and I am trying my hardest to shed it once and for all.

I ultimately would like to be a full time personal trainer…I worked in a well known gym for a short time; I quit because it was too much about commission and less about health. I then decided to start in-home personal training but that did not go so well, I only had a handful of clients and then (and then) I started to gain weight and just stopped altogether. Right now, I work at another gym which is geared to only women and I have fulltime office job that I have been at for almost 6 years ((((yawn))))

So here we are today...My workouts are pretty good but my eating has to be revamped. I need to find the focus that I had when I first started this weight loss journey; btw I count weight watcher points but never attended a meeting lol. I do the ghetto weight watchers which is when you get someone you know who is an ACTUAL member buy you the things lol. Now don’t get me wrong, I love weight watchers but just do not have the time to sit at a meeting.

I am going to try to be as honest as possible in this blog…I will tell you guys about my workouts and of course my eating (pictures will sometimes be included). I would love feedback and as I said before this blog is going to be a lot more than just weight loss but it will be the foundation of it. If you are still reading this, THANK YOU and welcome to my place of Zen…Namaste


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