Thursday, February 26, 2009

Damn where is my yogurt?!?!

I hate when I am in a rush and I forget something! Here I am sitting at my desk about to eat breakfast and I have no YOGURT! I went down to the store but everything they had was my Bfast will just consist of grapes, almonds, and my coffee =( (thankfully I have the pineapple cup from ayer, incase I get hungry)

BTW I loath going to that store in the morning; they have a grill and make bfast sandwiches and the smell that comes out of that place is so gross..I can just imagine all the "lard" ugh

This morning I worked out for about an hour and burned 349 was not that many calories because only 27 minutes was cardio and the rest was Pilates...I highly recommend these two DVD's. The WH one is great because you can pick what you want to do, they have arms, abs, cardio etc. Today I chose the warm-up and the cardio routine followed by Rael Pilates.
Last night I went to the Gym and did the Circuit for 40 minutes followed by a stretch and burned a total of 345 calories. I really was not in the mood to be there but I told myself after 300 calories, I can stop.

My dinner looks a tad gross but it actually tasted pretty good lol...It was a Morningstar "chicken" patty with reduced fat Swiss melted on top and a side of mixed veggies cooked in Jack Daniel BBQ sauce (remember I like quick and easy things lol) and for dessert I ate a Yoplait 100 calorie Yogurt while I cleaned up my bedroom

Ohhh I almost forgot to post my lunch from ayer...I had Eggplant cooked in marinara sauce with 4 grilled shrimp and mayo basil pesto on the side; I LOVE dipping my shrimp into it! so freaking good lol

So last night after my workout I checked my phone and I had an unexpected ex boyfriend text me after more than 2 months of no contact since our breakup...thank god I read and saw the movie "He is just not that into you" because by now I would have already started planning our wedding ha....but I am taking his tm with a grain of salt and just going to keep on trucking =)


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