Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sushi or Greek? So many choices

Holas! so we meet again =)....Today will be a laid back day at work for the most part...my jefe (boss) is out so I am sitting here watching People's Court and figuring out this whole blogging thing. I woke up bright and early and started my day off with a great workout...I did 30 day shred level 3 and Jillian's Kickboxing DVD's and ended it with a nice long stretch. I worked out for 1 hour and burned 482 calories. I wear a HR monitor when I workout so I know exactly what I am burning. It is a polar f6 and I love it!

For breakfast I had a 100 calorie Whole Grain bagel with reduced fat peanut butter and chopped strawberries and as always my Coffee with Fat Free Milk and Splenda. You will notice that I tend to eat the same things over and over again but I am short on time and I like things that are quick and easy. My lunches are usually my splurge but Breakfast and Dinner are usually simple. Lunch today will most likely be Sushi or Greek food YUMS! My mother will be joining me for lunch, which is always nice. After work, I am going to try to go for a walk, IF it warms up a little but right now it is BRRRR.
Tonight I am going out to eat with my sister and niece and then taking her to her Weekly Yoga class. I am trying to get my niece as active as possible, so she grows up enjoying exercise and lives a healthy life. Dinner will most likely be Panera bread or Subways.
That is all for now but I am sure I will be back before the end of the day...Namaste

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