Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Cubano with some tweaks...

I just had another cuban sandwich on a whole wheat wrap but this time I had it with MEAT! sooooo delish. I did however pull the roast pork out after I took a bite out of it, it tasted too fatty... If that makes and sense lol...I paired the wrap with 1/2 a bag of chips, a match made in heaven lol
(and to my new "readers" thank you for popping in..I really appreciate it)


  1. Utz makes chips? OMG, I love their pretzels, haha...

  2. You HAD to make the cheese drip onto the, that looks SO good!!!

  3. I am totally guilty of taking my food apart if it doesn't taste good halfway through. You gotta eat what tastes good, right?

  4. yup they make chips and they are delish....

    ....the cheese drip was for u PT

    Mansana, I refuse to waste calories on something that me no likey ha when I could have something even yummier later lol


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