Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Extended weekend Roundup...

Hey everyone! sorry that I did not post but I don't have internet access at home and I was not able to log on since I was out of the office over the weekend and for the past 2 days.

We had a snowstorm on Monday so I got a snowday! woohoo!!!!! and ayer was one year since my grandmothers passed away so I was with my family.

This morning I did Jillians Kickboxing, 10 mins arms, and Yoga (1hr 373 calories)

Alrighty lets get down to the food lol...This Morning I had 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese with strawberries and coffee with ff milk and splenda


Last night at the prayers I ate QUITE A LOT but I knew I was sooooo I worked out really hard before hand. I did WH DVD, Shape Pilates and Yoga (1hr 35 mins 643 calories)
Split piece of Dominican cake with my niece
Rice with Spanish style pasta
Chicken Pâté, 2 small pastries, and more cake lol (oops)
Damn more Pâté in a sandwich this time and another pastry (crap I DID eat a lot)
Before the prayers I had a quick lunch: 100 calorie WW bagel with rf swiss and ham with side of grapes

For Breakfast: 2 small bowls of FO Honey clusters with ff milk

Dinner: Kashi Oatmeal with dash of rf PB ,Nesquik powder, chopped strawberries and almonds


Lunch: Chili with veggies and yogurt

extra workout: Shoveled Car out of the snow for 1 hour!!!!

Bfast: FO Cereal, FF Dannon Activia, Grapes, and coffee with ff milk and splenda
WO: 30 day shred Level 2 and 3 and Yoga (1hr and 25 mins 669 Calories)

WO:Cardio Barre Moves and abs (30 mins 144 calories)
Snack: Skinny Cow Ice cream
Dinner:100 calorie WW bagel with rf swiss and ham, side of grapes

Snack: almonds and LOOK KOKO MADE A CAMEO!
Lunch: Baked Breaded shrimp with lemon juice, white wine, and garlic. Side of mixed veggies and for dessert, weight watchers mini bar

Bfast: 3 eggwhites with turkey links and 2% american cheese, Fiberone poptart, strawberries, and coffee with ff milk and splenda
WO: 1 Hr of full body toning with active rest and Yoga (1 hr and 25 minutes 437 calories)


Linner: Chinese food. sesame chicken (all white meat), pork fried rice, and 2 bites of eggroll. Since I ate so much (I went back for 2nds) I made this lunch AND dinner, hence "linner" lol
WO: Circuit at the Gym (45 mins 397 calories)

Bfast: dannon ff activia, FO poptart, and coffee with ff milk and splenda

WO: Taebo Power with weight balls (45 mins 315 calories)

FRIDAY Dinner: ate dinner at my mothers house and she made tilapia cooked with onions and peppers and lightly breaded with white rice and 2 tostones (fried plantains). For dessert, I had tiny piece of cheesecake

OMG this took forever to post! I think I am going to start mobile blogging over the weekend!

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  1. Yum- looks like a delicious long weekend! Send me some of that Dominican cake, k?

    Also, great job on all the workouts!

    Did you cook that shrimp? It looks really good.