Thursday, March 19, 2009

Give me back....

"Give me back that filet o fish give me that fish. give me back that filet o fish give me that fish. what if it were you hanging up on this wall. if it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughing at allllll"

I have been singing/humming that song for about a week now! lol....That is what you call great marketing ha....

I just came back from lunch with a friend and I had Cream of Carrot Soup with crackers and 1/2 a WW wrap with lowfat chicken salad and lettuce
Before lunch I had dannon ff activia
AND My friend who lives in Virgina her boyfriend makes his own Jerky so they mailed me some in the mail which I had to try since him and his friend were having a "jerk off" LOL (bake off) to see which one was the best and I have to say "DAVE IS THE WINNER"
So my sister went to my nieces Parent Teacher Conference and I made her put me on speaker phone so I could chime in since we were SUPPOSED to go tonight but she went earlier instead because she was not working (yes I am VERY involved in my nieces life) Anyways, Lil Lady got a great review! I am so proud of her... she is the best kid EVER hahahaha
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