Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I aged 40 years over night.....

Been trying to post this since this morning but my computer is giving me problems with uploading the pics, so no pics for now! sad panda.....

I woke up this morning and every part of my body is hurting lol....My right calf is two seconds away from a serious case of charlie horse...my shoulders and upper back are super sore and my head is pounding...I am trying to remember what the hell I was dreaming about lol cause from the wayI feel, I might have been in a mosh pit at a metallica concert last night hahaha

I managed to workout this morning but it felt half assed to say the least...I did 30 day shred level 1 and 2 circuits of level 2 and 10 mins of yoga stretching; 1 hour 446 calories

Ayer during lunch I went to the gym and did the circuit for 35 minutes and 5 mins stretch; 303 calories.

I went back to they gym after work to have dinner with my friend, we split two spicy rolls and half an order of octopus salad...I basically ate about 5 pieces of the rolls and less than 1/4 cup of the salad

I was still hungry when I got home so I snacked on TJ's Cinnamon chip and before I knew it, the bag was empty "oops"

This morning for breakfast 1: I had 1 scoop of muscle milk

Bfast 2: Chopped pineapples, strawberries, and grapes with dannon ff activia, and Kashi Granola

I Brown bagged it again today woohooo and will be having brown rice and black beans with onions and peppers and a banana for lunch AND I brown bagged dinner too since I am taking lil lady to yoga so I packed 100 calorie ww bagel with swiss, turkey pastrami and mustard and a 100 calorie yoplait yogurt for dessert =)

Blog sucks with no pics!!!!


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