Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oops...(another mobile blog)

I hope they fix the server today cause this is getting a tad annoying... ( I send blogs via phone and edit them on the computer at work if I can)

Last night I totally forgot to take my phone off of vibrate and did not get up until 7am. I managed to squeeze in 30 mins of turbo jam,253 calories.

Bfast 1 was one scoop of light muscle milk

bfast 2 is strawberres, grapes, dannon ff activia, and kashi granola yuuuums

ohhhh I have the perfect lunch bag! When my mom was cleaning out the closets the other day; she found one of my old Polo bags which is perfect to pack my food =)

The tech is here, he is not leaving until I can upload pics! lol


  1. That bag is awesome! I think I am more inspired to pack my lunch when I have a good bag to put it in, haha.

  2. I love this bag! and be triple proud of me lol! I packed my lunch AGAIN!! three days in a row..I might do it again maƱana but def not on friday (vodka friday lol)

  3. you can blog by mobile? cool!
    I hate having technological problems too, mainly because I suck at technology so have NO idea what to do about it! hope the tech guy fixes everything up!


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