Monday, March 9, 2009

Oye Monday already!

Hey everyone!!!! I don't know about you guys but this time change is really kicking my BUM! I usually wake up a little after 6am to workout but today I did not crawl out of bed until 7:45am. I was debating of coming in late to work just so I could workout lol.

So remember that I have been doing the 31 day Yoga challenge, well it seems to be paying off because my teacher pointed out in class that my poses are really improving =)

I had a really fun weekend, my sister got a new puppy for my niece. I love him soooo much! He is the cutest little thing; his name is JASPER!

This morning I had Cheerios, strawberries. and coffee with ff milk and splenda for bfast

I am soooo sleepy!
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  1. Happy Monday! The time change is killing me too! I can't wait for bed tonight! :)

  2. Hey! Where are the rest of my posts?!? I want to come visit and steal Jasper please.