Friday, March 20, 2009

Pet Peeves grrrrrrrrrrr

Today on the radio they were talking about how when you go out to dinner with a guy; should he pay all time or should we pay too etc and basically they were talking about how some women make the attempt but really don't mean it.

I was cracking up b/c this happened to me this week! Not with a dude but with a female friend and I was actually telling my other friend about it last night....

On the morning show they were saying how some people "reach" for the bill or pretend they are going to pay for it etc but they have no intention to (happened to me)...honestly what is the point!

That was just a random Pet Peeve of mine...ohhh here is another! what about when you go out with a friend and you barely get a salad and they order appetizer, main course, coffee, dessert and when the bill comes they give you half of the total! HELLO I DID NOT SPLIT YOUR FOOD WITH YOU!

I am not cheap by any means but times are tough lol...

What are your pet peeves?????



  1. Hi chickie,

    I'm super busy at work, so this sucks. I've only cried 3x this week...not bad, right? SHUT UP. BAD. Anyway, my biggest pet peeves revolve around driving.

    If you're going to pull out in front of me, THEN GO!!

    Hope you have a good weekend! I'm scarfing some lunch and then I have another meeting in a half hour. Take care!!!!!!

  2. peeves.. when people are late!! damn dominican syndrome! broken promises, stupid and ignorant people, & cheap asses... ughhh

  3. ha don't blame a whole nationality because of my family! and HEY I am never ever late!!!!!!


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