Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A pot goes a long way....

Just had lunch and it was the FINAL serving of the brown rice and beans! this pot lasted me over a week ha...I paired it with a banana....

Quick question; do ya'll use Ziploc Fresh shield? I am looking for bags to put my fruits in and they have to be large enough for bananas. I love to keep fresh fruit in the fridge but I hate the smell that it leaves in there....FO!

BTW I love how sisters just get over things without saying sorry...we just move on like nothing ever happened ha


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  1. Thanks for suggesting & blabbing so much about Puffins. I'll send you the bill because I predict I'll be eating boxes upon boxes now. lol :P

  2. Mmm, I love beans and rice! So cheap and healthy.

  3. Two of my favorite things lol....

  4. yup, that's blood relations for ya. family will be family, no matter what.
    I suggest using a plastic container instead. that way your fruits won't get squashed, and they will stay fresher.