Monday, March 23, 2009

Really Monday Already?!?!?!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday lol (blah) I hope ya'll had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good and active...On Saturday I went to work and then had lunch with a friend and then I met up with my sister, niece (6 yrs old) and little sister (she is going to be 5) at Trader Joes...I really stocked up on sooo many things! then we went to Stop and Shop to get our basics....

Sunday I went to Yoga in the am then I met my sister and niece in the afternoon and we went to Bay Terrace for lunch and some shopping =)...I brought "Confessions of Shopaholic and Baby" at Barnes & Noble ( I really love the entire series). Then we went to Bath and Body and I brought some wall flowers; I love when I open my door and the warm vanilla smell greets me...AND then we went to VS and the panties are 7 for 25!!!!! AND I had a coupon to get another pair for free WOOHOO lol....Then we went to another shopping center so I could go to GNC and pick up some Light Muscle Milk...2 scoops is 195 calories, 6 grams of fat and 25 grams of PROTEIN! it is 4 WW points for 2 scoop, so I think I will have just one scoop in the morning right after my workouts....

Yoga Challenge: Are any of you guys doing the Yoga challenge??? Since the first week, I have been really teacher kept pointing it out in class ayer and made everyone watch me when I was in high split forward bend...the top of my head was FINALLY touching the floor; she said my pose was perfect =) She wants me to start doing hand stands very soon =) YAY

This is today:
Workout: Jillians Kickboxing, Exercise TV Pilates, and Namaste Yoga: 65 minutes 354 calories

Bfast 1: Muscle Milk (1 scoop)

Bfast 2: 100 calorie WW bagel with 1 tbsp almond butter, strawberries, and my usual coffee


Linner: I went to Outback with my sister and niece

Piece of bread with butter

QUITE A Few Pieces of Onion Bloom (had more than this) with zesty sauce...I LOVE THIS THING!

Crab Stuffed Shrimp (I had 2 pieces)

Grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese, bacon, and honey mustard dressing with sweet potato with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter (it was delish)

MY NIECE WANTED TO BLOG HER FOOD TOO LOL...she had a cheeseburger

Bfast 2 After Yoga: 2 egg whites with hot sauce, 100 calorie ww bagel with tbsp almond butter, banana, and my usual coffee

Bfast 1: Muscle Milk shake before Yoga class

Walk to Yoga; 20 minutes 147 calories
Yoga Class: 65 minutes 262 calories
Walk home: 20 minutes 151 calories

Bfast:Grapes, Almonds, and medium lite latte

Lunch: Went to Greek Restaurant with my friend from gym. I ordered Lentil Soup (did not finish it) and Gyro Meat with Frenchfries

Dinner: Left Overs from lunch

Evening Snack: Big Bowl of Puffins with FF milk

WH DVD Warmup and Cardio; 26 minutes 227 calories
Curves Circuit, situps, and stretch: 50 minutes 465 calories
Yoga: 20 minutes 66 calories


Snack: 2 Small bowls of PB Puffins with ff milk

Friday Dinner: Small bowl of brown rice with black beans, onions, and peppers and 100 calorie pack

WORKOUT: 25 minutes of Yoga (77 Calories)


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