Friday, March 20, 2009

Snowing on the first day of Spring....

Where is the sun? Where are the birds chirping??? NOT HERE lol...Spring was greeted with snow
Snow+TOM+driving+sad song= Girl crying because she misses her ex!. I hate that I get so emotional when it is TOM; I turn into the typical cliche.
Anyways TGIF!
Last night for dinner I had leftover brown rice with black beans etc, I think I have about 2 servings left lol
For Dessert: Weight Watchers Mini bar
AND I was still hungry so I decided to try out the Infamous Puffins and they were gooooooood! They are definitely going to become a "regular" at my place lol
Before bed I did 40 minutes of Yoga and burned 144 calories
This morning I just wanted to sleep in, my bed was so cozy but I finally dragged my bum out at 6:30am and did "Boost your metabolism" (55 minutes;463 calories)
Question: do you guys weigh yourself during TOM? I tried to put it off but decided to hop on the scale even though I was bloated and lets not forget the weekend debacle. I was not shocked when I saw I was 1.2 lbs heavier, I figured I would be. This only makes pushes me harder to try to stick to a healthy lifestyle on the weekends too =)
Bfast is Kashi Oatmeal with strawberries and Kashi Granola. and my usual coffee
Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend??? I might be going out with sister and cousins to TGIF tonight but it depends on how I feel. Usually on Fridays my "tank is empty" and I just want to crash on my couch lol
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  1. I did weigh myself the last time but knew I had an "excuse" for it being up a bit. It's motivating to see it drop the next week when the monthly visitor has left :)

    It's cold here today but no snow, you poor thing!

  2. I don't weigh myself during TOM because it makes me so mad! lol

    I love Puffins! Have you tried peanut butter yet?

  3. Sara, I better be down atleast 2lbs next week =)

    Amanda, Ha those are the ones I got...they are yuuuuumy...pretty much like peanutbutter crunch but healthier..and my dog liked them too...he was just staring at me eating them so I tossed him two lol

  4. Holas from Texas! I don't weigh myself during TOM either- it drives me nuts! I can't believe you had a tiny bowl of puffins. I mowed through a box in 3 days (breakfast, lunch, dinna)! Go out and party for me tonight! K?

    Ciao bella

  5. Hey Mansana! I am glad you arrived safely!

    How long are you going to be there for????

    dude those puffins are goooood!