Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is Bullsh*t!

UGH! the tech comes and tries to fix it,REMEMBER WE ARE AN IT COMPANY! and NOTHING! we call XO and they tell us to unplug some shit etc and we do it and boom it is fine YAY then BOOM it f's up AGAIN! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

AND now this damn tech leaves because he has to go to a client! I am FUMING right I have to keep sending pics via my phone to is so annoying... SUCKS BALLS! HUGE ELEPHANTITIS BALLS! I don't mind doing mobile blogging on the weekends and evenings but when I am at work I like doing it via the computer because I can place the pics under the writing etc. When I mobile blog, All the pics are on top; one right under the other and all the writing is at the bottom and it looks messy (I have OCD lol) so I have to edit it once it posts via my computer

My jefe needs me to do research on the computer and the net is going at the speed of DIAL UP! I am ready to just say PEACE OUT and go home lol...yes I am a brat and I hate when things are not my way grrrrrrr

and with all that said...NAMASTE! lol

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