Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could just staple my mouth SHUT! I hate when a week of being good goes to Sh*t because over the weekend I turn into the Tasmanian Devil!!!!! I would show you all the pics of what I ate but that would require me to sit here all day uploading pics!

Here is a break down from Fri-Monday night....1 whole cereal box of FO cinnamon Delight. 12 skinny cow mini bars, 4 skinny cow ice cream cones, 4 FO poptarts, Chinese food, Cuban food, seafood, Papa johns "the works" personal pie and a cinnapie! Weight Watcher mini bars....yup that is about it...followed by laying in bed for about 2 hours feeling like crap and telling myself how disappointed I am in myself and that tomorrow will be different but nope not so much....

Now I could sit here and blame it on my hormones, PMS, migraine etc but that blame lies in me and I need to stop this viscous cycle. However I did do great on my workouts! I managed to burn over 500 calories each day (for what it's worth)

Today is a new day right??? I should stay positive and just move ahead from this point but I feel like I go through this so often and this is what stopping me from losing weight FOR GOOD!

Enough of the pity party lol...I just had to vent =)

This morning I woke up and did 30 day shred level 3 and kickboxing; 55 minutes and 547 calories.

Bfast is a fruit bowl...strawberries, banana, tangerine, and grapes & my usual coffee



  1. Oh Mari, you are fine! Trust me, we all have weekends like that. The catch is to move forward and forget about the past. Looks like you are off to a good start today :)

    Personally, my experience with a lot of the items you mentioned (skinny cow and ww stuff) is that when I eat them, they actually make me hungrier or at least make me think I am. Something to think about.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words =)...I just feel like I let myself down ya know...

  3. Oh Mari! Don't worry- you are better than all the fiber one products in the world. Brush those fabulous shoulders off and enjoy a new, healthy day!

    Call me next time, k?

  4. I need to have you on Speed Dial lol

  5. Yes, and call me too...you just posted all of my "evidence" to present you to keep you in check.

    CSI PrincessTahula to the rescue!

  6. HAHAHA CSI Princess Tahula!

  7. My weekend was quite similar! UGH. Hope it gets better for you!


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