Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Summary....

Before I begin, let me give you my weekend summary =)

Friday Dinner; Shrimp with Cashew nuts loaded with veggies and cup of shrimp fried rice


Bfast: Honey nut cheerios with grapes and coffee with ff milk and splenda

Snack: Weight Watchers Mini bar

Lunch: 100 calories WW bagel with reduced peanutbutter and chopped strawberries

Dinner: NO picture; sesame chicken with brown rice, crab ragoon, and 2 small bbq ribs. By the time I remembered to take a picture the food was already in my belly (oops)


Bfast: 2 egg whites with tobasco sauce, 100 calorie bagel; one half with licbinb and the other half with reduced fat cream cheese, grapes, and coffee with ff milk and splenda

Lunch: Homemade shrimp and veggie stirfry with brown rice, and skinny cow icecream

Snack: bowl of Fiberone Honey Cluster

Dinner: Turkey Pastrami with reduced fat swiss and spicy mustard on a 100 calorie WW bagel, and 1/2 1% cottage cheese with nesquik and splenda
I was STILL hungry so I had another bowl of FO cereal with ff milk
Friday night: 45 minutes Inhale Yoga: 133 calories
Saturday: Jillians kickboxing and namaste yoga :50 minutes 319 calories
Saturday: Curves Circuit: 45 mins 338 calories
Sunday: 20 minute powerwalk 159 calories
Sunday: Yoga class: 65 minutes 289 Calories
Sunday: 20 minute powerwalk: 137 calories
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  1. Yum! I love cottage cheese with chocolate powder!

  2. it is my new obsession! it tastes sooooo naughty hahah