Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am one sad panda lol...I am a simple girl and am very happy with the little things in life such as coming home and having my favorite shows waiting for me. Last night I was watching television and all of a sudden my cable box shut off and began to reboot. I thought nothing of it until I was about to workout while I watched Biggest Loser and it was GONE! IT WAS ALL GONE! everything from March 9th until today was erased! The best way to describe how I felt is to remember the episode of SATC when Miranda's Tivo was malfunctioning and she was talking to the Tivo Rep "You are not listening to me, I DID THAT ALREADY". After talking to my cable company and going a tad cookoo, they ended up giving me one month free of Starz and HBO WOOHOO lol. Now I just have to look for all my shows that were erased and watch them online =)

Last night after work I went to the Gym and did the circuit for 30 mins in low intensity and burned 229 calories. While I was there I was surprised by two members when I was working out. They came to say goodbye since our gym is closing down and they are not going to go to the new one a mile away. They brought me a little gift and a card =). These two ladies really touched my life, I remember when my grandmother was really sick they would do prayers for her (they are nuns). I am going to miss seeing them =(

When I finally got home I made chicken stirfry with brown rice and for dessert I had a protein cookie
Before bed I did Pilates and 100 situps and burned 116 calories =)
This morning I woke up and did No More Trouble Zones DVD and burned 351 calories. After my workout I had one scoop of light muscle milk
And right now I am eating grapes with Dannon ff Activia Kaski Granola and my regular coffee.
I think I pulled a muscle; my right hamstring is killing me! I just hope it gets better by this evening because I have ZUMBA!
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