Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally home!

I thought I was never going to get home! Traffic was so horrible and the wait at the psychic was BANANAS. The best way to describe the waiting room is to picture the scene in "Beetlejuice" when they are waiting to meet Juno lol even the same music!

Once again the psychic was dead on! One thing that shook me up was when he mentioned that I have pain on one breast! I just had a cancer scare a couple of months ago because of a lump I turned out to be my bone pushing my muscle, thank God. He said some other things that keep me hopeful for my future =)
Do you guys believe in those type of things????? You can be honest. I won't be offended =)

After we left we went to Target and I picked up some artwork for my foyer.
I hate hanging things up because it always looks slanted lol.

OMG I am starving...all I had since breakfast was a Grande Skinny Latte...I just ordered Szechuan Shrimp with brown rice & crab ragoons for "linner". I can't wait to hear my doorbell lol



  1. I don't know if I believe in psychics. I have never been to one!

  2. I don't know much about this sort of thing but whatever floats your boat! Glad you had a good experience!
    Enjoy your linner!

  3. crab ragoons! wow! I want to be with you right there when the delivery man comes!
    hmm...about psychics, I do believe in the spiritual world, and I do believe in psychic powers...but I don't wanna delve into my opinions on them because it's all tied to my Christian beliefs.
    but what did he say about your future that is good? if you don't mind sharing?

  4. he told me that my ex is going to try to creep back in but someone else will entering my life.

    Also he told me to continue my studies because the change I am looking to make will be very good for me. I want to take personal training more seriously and want to become certified by NASM so when I heard what he said it just gave me more of a push.

    and he kept repeating " I will step on my own property" he repeated that about 10 times (everytime he looked at my cards)


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