Monday, April 6, 2009

How honest are we?????

I just woke up and the first thing I did was get rid of the evidence. If no one sees the boxes then it never happened, right?? WRONG!

I was debating if I should just let it pass and not mention it here but when I started this blog I decided to be as "raw" as possible.

Do I tell you guys that after I posted the last post I ate a box of TJ's strawberry shortcake? Do I tell you guys that last night at 11 pm I wanted to call my ex but instead I ended up calling papa johns and ended up eating to the point where I just wanted to lay down and rub my belly? Do I tell you guys that I am sick of this...that as a write this I am tearing because I have no self control and feel like a fake?

I know I am not dying of cancer or living on the street etc and I should just suck it up and move on but sometimes it is just hard to do this....

I picked the perfect day to stay is rainy and dark much like my mood....



  1. Hey Mari, I have so been there. What is going on with you is important and its not something you can just suck up and move on from. I am an emotional eater and I find that boredom is one of my biggest culprits. I would highly recommend keeping the "diet" food out of your house. It's too easy to eat a whole box of 100 calorie packs because they are not satisfying enough, they are tiny! Plus they are full of artificial ingredients that make you hungrier and undo all your hard work. You might also want to look into eating more throughout the day to fuel your workouts so that at night you don't get "snacky" (I need to follow my own advice here). And lastly, hang in there, I'm here for ya. Today is a new day!

  2. Thank You...I appreciate your advice and it's nice to know that I am not alone here...

  3. Oh hon, I have a pain in my heart when reading what you wrote. :( I can sympathize with you - especially the part about bypassing feelings through food. I'm a boredom eater as well. Sometimes with me it doesn't matter how great I eat throughout the day, at night I still want to snack.

    Try to keep your head up. You're not a bad person and you surely shouldn't feel as though you need to compare what you're going through with someone with a fatal disease. Your eating issue is just that...YOUR issue. It doesn't make it any less important or REAL than someone with a cancer or whatnot.

    Can't wait for you to come back to work - man, I miss you!!!

  4. Hang in there, and keep your chin up. I find myself overeating when I refuse myself something that I want. But I think in this situation, it may be the emotions toying with us. And in terms of emotional eating, try not to let this situation get you down. Instead, learn from it. Don't take it as, "oh man, I failed." Let's look at it as a situation where we can say, "Okay, what has been done is done, let's dig deep down and figure out why this occurred in the first place." So, try to figure out what made you overeat in the first place. Was it the environment? Being home? Anxious feeling? Are there lots on your to-do list? Feeling overwhelmed? Find out what may have caused this, and then try to tackle that problem.

  5. Mari,

    I know you are feeling bad now, but try to leave the scene of the crime. Take your mind off of it with something that makes you happy.

    I know you are down and will get better. I also appreciate your honesty and I have totally been there.



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