Friday, April 3, 2009

I sense a trend.....

hey everyone! TGIF.....

Omg I am in the car with my family and my cousin is next to me eating yogurt and she is making so much noise! Omg my skin is crawling. SAVE ME!

We are on our way to NJ to see a psychic! He is amazing! The last time we went he was dead on with everything.

Last night I went to Zumba and wow did I sweat! I was literally slipping on the floor from my own sweat lol....I burned 596 calories in 55 minutes. I really love this class =)

Before class I had a small and quick dinner; 100 calorie WW bagel with swiss and pastrami seasoned turkey and 1 scoop of light muscle milk.

This morning I did a quick workout before heading out, 20 mins of Boost your Metabolism and 5 mins stretch: 165 calories burned. I will def do something else later.

Bfast was a 100 calorie bagel with TJ almond butter and strawberries and my usual coffee.

Damn traffic is horrible! Would it be rude if I put my itouch on?? lol

ohhhh I almost forgot about my weigh I predicted I am up 2.4 lbs....this is starting to be a trend, one week up and one week down grrrrrrr....hopefully next week I am down 4 lbs ((((fingers crossed))))))))

have a great day!!



  1. Yucky about the noises...ewww...

    Glad you didn't hurt yourself by slipping on your own many times does one get to say THAT in their lifetime?!

    Good luck at the psychic! Can't wait to hear what she says!!!!!

  2. Making noises? LOL
    Hahaha, hope traffic dies down and all, HAVE A BLAST!!!!

  3. thank god for my itouch!!!!!!!! they are driving me nuts lol....put 5 dominican women in a car and the result is one not so happy mari! lol....i am listening to "across the universe soundtrack" the BEATLES WILL SAVE ME HAHA

  4. Hang in there! By the way, I got my lazy butt out of bed and ran 2 miles this morning. Take that!

  5. good luck! I hpoe you get positive results!
    god, I get so irritated when ppl make too much noise beside me, too. I like my peace and reason why I can't ever have kids. they're nice to look at, but not nice to listen to! haha, I'm sounding like this cranky old woman...
    anyway, have fun girl! can't wait to hear more of your tales!

  6. Wow, level 2 and 3 - your crazy!

    How long was it before you moved on to level 2 of Jillian after doing level one?

  7. Your strawberries look great. I recently found some on sale at Whole Foods..yum!

  8. RK, they were so delish! that has to be one of my fave sandwiches, I sense a repeat bfast for maƱana ha

    Biz, it took me about a week to move on to level 2


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