Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jennie uh O!

After taking a pic of my lunch, I realized that it looks like something my sister would pack for my niece ha....

I had a 100 calorie WW bagel with Swiss Cheese , and Pastrami Seasoned Turkey with mustard, banana, and TJ Pita chips..
I will be going to the gym in a couple hours then meeting my family at my place...
ohhhhh BTW Jennie O sucks huge meatballs! I sent them an email trying to see if they have coupons for free samples etc and I explained my blog to them and they basically said NO!
"Unfortunately, we do not have coupons available for mailing. We have found the fairest way to make coupons available to all consumers is through the use of newspapers and magazines. Please check these sources frequently for our product coupons."


  1. That stinks! You might want to try another and get there competitor.

    New to your blog and love it!

  2. That stinks! Personally, I don't like Jennie O stuff anyway, its way too salty. Plus they keep plugging it on the Biggest Loser and that gets on my nerves, haha.

  3. I felt like replying to her

    "Well since I will not be reviewing your meatballs I will review your stinky customer service on my blog"


    and yea they plug them way too much! ohh and Extra gum which I personally do not think lasts THAT long! lol


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