Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oregon Trail....


Today I decided to sleep in and skip my morning workout but then I had the most random TM at 7am "ARE YOU AWAKE" with area code 541. I called it back and it turned out to be my friend that lives in SD who just happened to move to Oregon...I really love talking to him because he is very laid back. I think I must drive him nuts because I am the typical "NYer..I am on DSL Speed and he is on Dial up lol...He came to visit me last year and he could not believe how fast people would honk at you when the light would turn green and you did not move your car quick enough...what can I say; we are all in a rush lol

For bfast I am having the most yummy filling oatmeal EVER and I owe it to Tina from carrotncake! Every day I look at her page and her Oatmeal looks delish and last night in bed all I kept thinking about was bfast! lol

This fabulous bowl has Kashi Oatmeal, tbsp of TJ Almond Butter, Strawberries, Cinnamon Puffins, and a packet of splenda. I am eating it soooooooo slow and enjoying every single bite lol
Ayer I went to the park during my lunch break and let me tell you, the eye candy was out in full force! I heart spring ha..does it get any better 282 calories burned AND something yummy to look at ha. Tennis players, Baseball players AND Joggers OH MY!
After work I met up with my family at Sports Authority ( I told you guys that I am always there lol) and after that we went to Panera Bread YUMS! I got half a turkey artichoke sandwich with french onion soup with no croutons or cheese and a bag of chips. I seriously think they are the best potato chips I have ever had!
When we were done there we went to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH, nope not Disney but TJ's! HA. And then we went to Michaels which is an arts and crafts store...My mom wants to make floral door wreaths for my sister and I. I cant wait till mine is done! I will be sure to take a pick for y'all =) I picked some really nice flowers but let me tell you that was HARD! I would grab one and then put it down and then grab it again lol.
When I finally got home I was still hungry so I had a small bowl of PB Puffins with splash off ff milk
I did 25 mins of Yoga stretch before bed and burned 69 calories
Today should be a good day, my jefe is leaving at 12 and then I will be running out of here at 4 and heading to the gym and then my niece and sis are coming over to watch Slum dog millionaire and eat some Greek food =)
I am sure I will be back before the day is over...have a great day!

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