Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strange Craving...

I was craving the stangest thing...Cinnamon Puffins with TJ almond butter and it was so good that I had two bowls (oops). I guess I could have craved something worse.

For dinner I had a baked chicken breast seasoned with McCormick BBQ Grill Mates and a sweet potatoe with licbinb, splenda, and cinnamon and for dessert I had a Weight Watcher Fudgecicle

Still no word on my car grr...have a great night!


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  1. The best of both worlds - cereal AND peanut butter? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. I love almond butter! I just bought a new jar and I had it twice today. Jars of nut butter never last long around my apartment...