Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank God for Blocking....

I have been unblocking my ex from aim here and there and every time I do, I just stare at his sn and sometimes he im's me...last night I was home bored and sick and hormonal so I decide to im him but then I regretted it and sent "nm bye" and blocked him again (sick I know). This morning he tmed me and asked if everything was okay so I unblocked him again from aim and we chatted etc, I asked him how he was doing and he said "everything is great on my end" which I turned to "I have a fabulous new gf and could not be happier and we are getting married next month" ha! I told him to take care and blocked him INDEFINITELY! It is never healthy to talk to an ex who you obviously still love and ESP 1 day b4 TOM!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me rant lol now to my eats and workouts....

Ayer I did not eat anything during the day besides more Robin Eggs and Tea. I did however workout like WOAH lol...I did the 2 and 3 mile Start Walking workouts with 3lb hand weights, 100 sit ups, and yoga; total of 1 hour and 40 minutes and burned 892 calories. For Linner I met up with my fam at Five Guys. I had the "little" cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoe, sauteed onions, mayo, and ketchup, fries, and diet coke. The burger was AMAZING but the fries were good but not great so I did not eat all of them.

I am so psyched I found out last night that they are going to start doing Pilates classes next Wednesday at my yoga studio! WOOHOO

After Linner and before lil lady's yoga class, I ran to CVS to get some more meds and I got this guy! ain't he cute and he matches my bed set (no wonder I am single ha) I could not resist him! and he was only 4 bucks.

Ohhh I received my free samples of Barney Butter! I will be trying it out very soon! I was thinking of putting it on a Kashi Waffle with Toll House chocolate chips sprinkled on top for dessert tonight (yums)

This morning I slept in and only did 30 day shred Level 3 and burned 285 calories. For bfast I had a banana, strawberries, and grapes with Kashi Granola and Dannon ff activia and my usual coffee.

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  1. I have a friend who is going through the same thing, hang in there. Keep him blocked this time, I know its hard! But you are strong, you can do it.

    Congrats on the major calorie burn! We have a Five Guys across the bridge in Indiana, I might have to try it sometime :) Have a good day.

  2. thanks sara! btw the burgers are sooo good and FRESH! I was watching them make them lol

  3. Yuck- block him for good and don't let him in anymore. I am proud of you for behaving and I am glad to see you back!

  4. Keep your chin up, you can get through all of this.

    And omg omg omg, I want to try that burger!!!