Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today is one of those days you wish never started! Everything seemed fine....the plan was to meet my friend and have lunch but things soon changed. I was driving home from work, singing some tunes when all of a sudden my car started to slow down and then the "check engine" light came on and then it started to die and boom I find myself on the side of the highway STRANDED! This has always been one of my fears and the water works started. I called my mom hysterical.

After being stuck there for what seemed like forever, I tow truck came and $105 bucks later he took me to my mechanic, where I spent 7 hrs! And still no car. They were able to find the part it needs but it is still not working so they think it might be something else. It was already going to be $600 dollars but who know now.....this is what I get for driving a 99 neon.

Ohhhh for bfast I had a protein cookie and for Linner I had a Bigmac and fries and it definately hit the spot.....

No yoga for me mañana since I have to save every penny for my damn car. I feel like returning 60 bucks worth of thing I brought at CVS ayer.....

Living paycheck to paycheck sucks at times like this....

I wish I had wine but I can't even afford it right now lol


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  1. EEEKKK oh my gosh, I AM SO SOORRY ABOUT THE CAR!!!! hope all goes well!!!! hang in there~~~

  2. I am sorry about your car... hang in there Mari!