Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a good weekend. Mine was pretty low key for the most part, on Friday I spent the evening with my niece, she ended up staying over night since my sister was sick and I wanted to spend quality time with her. Saturday I went to work and then ran errands and Sunday I ended up staying home all day and just catching up on my DVR shows.

I am just going to show you the highlights of my weekend food since the rest is just the normal things lol

Friday night I had Chinese food with my niece; I ate brown rice with sesame chicken (all white meat) and crab ragoons.

Saturday for Bfast my coworker at the gym whom is also a chef made an organic, gluten free apple bunt cake which was DELISH!

For some reason whenever I have TOM, I always crave Taco Bell. I ended up getting that for lunch =). I ordered a Nacho Bell Grande with no meat YUUUUUUUUUUUMS!

On Sunday I finally sampled my Barney Butter! I thought it was good but I still like TJ's better! I had it on a Kashi Waffle with Chocolate chips and Strawberries on the side.

Sat Morning: 2 mile Start Walking with 3lb weights and 80 situps; 280 calories
Sat afternoon: Circuit at the Gym and 5 min stretch; 316 calories
Sunday: light cardio for 35 minutes; 179 calories
Week totals: 12 workouts, 9 hrs and 19 minutes, and 4735 calories =)

Oh I am so happy! Ayer I was looking out the window because I heard some noise and it turns out that they are putting little trees all around the building! it is going to look so nice...AND they just painted inside too =) shoot with all these added things, I am scared to see what my rent is going to be when I need to sign my new lease!

I totally overslept this morning and skipped my morning workout but I hope to burn at least 500 calories this afternoon, to make up for it.

for Bfast I am having a banana with Kashi granola, dannon ff activia and my usual coffee

Did anyone watch Grey Gardens on HBO this weekend with Drew Barrymore? she did a fantastic job. At first I thought she was over acting but then I found the original documentary and I was like WOAH she did it dead on! If you have free time and have access to HBO, I highly recommend it!


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