Wednesday, April 8, 2009


HEY EVERYONE!!!!! WOW the week is almost over wooohoooo! I work mañana and then I am off on Friday YAY. I am really hyper this morning lol...I will be crashing soooooon.
Yesterday for lunch I had a 100 calorie WW bagel with swiss and pastrami seasoned turkey with mustard and 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt for dessert.
I was so lucky because even though it was cold and cloudy the rain held off so I was able to go for a walk in the park, I walked for 50 minutes and burned 305 calories.
After work I met my sister and niece and we went to Pizza Hut before lil lady's yoga class. I tried to be good but then when I got home and checked my WW book and saw that the damn blue cheese is 7 POINTS! WTF....I will never ever ever use that one again...I might start smuggling my own ha. I ended up eating one cheesy bread stick, a veggie lover personal pan pizza (look at all those veggies yuuuums) and that damn blue cheese grrrrrrrr...the blue cheese is more than HALF the points of my veggie personal pan! WOAH
When I got home I did 45 minutes of abs and arms while I watched "The Hills" (yup I said "The Hills" lol) and burned 275 calories....
This morning I did Boost Your Metabolism DVD and burned 480 calories in 55 minutes. After my workout I had one scoop of Light Muscle Milk.
Right now for bfast I am having grapes and strawberries mixed with Dannon ff activia and Kashi Granola and my usual coffee.


  1. hey, no use beating yourself up over what's already in your tummy. at least you enjoyed it, right? and lesson learned!
    I love blue cheese!
    hope you have a great day today!

  2. Mmm, pizza hut! I'm craving cheesy breadsticks now :-)

  3. Stuff happens. Better day tomorrow :)

    P.S. Fantastic blog... and blog name!


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