Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Rainy Day...

Good Morning Everyone!!!!!

Today is like the 5th day of rain...where is the sun?????

I am still dog has been sick all morning and I feel bad leaving him alone.

I forgot to post my Sunday treats on the previous mom made pastelitos de guayaba and cheese (I ate 4) and a piece of a brownie....

I knew I was going to eat extra calories so before going out I did 70 minutes of cardio, kickboxing, and kettlebell followed by a stretch and burned 591 calories and when I got home I did 40 mins of Yoga and 100 situps and burned 162 calories.

This morning for bfast I had a 100 calorie WW bagel with smear of TJ's almond butter, grapes, and my usual coffee....


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  1. Sorry about the rain! But hey, grab your umbrella and rain boots and sing in the rain. :P Hahaha.

  2. Hey there - I finally just got to your blog and now I see why you're MIA. Poor Koko. :( Hope he's better really soon!

    Miss you!