Friday, May 15, 2009

Eating on a Budget....

When you are on a budget, your eats become a tad routine. I don't want to waste food so I try to eat my produce before it goes bad and finish up all the leftovers. Today for breakfast I had Grapes, a 100 calorie WW Bagel with TJ Almond Butter, and a piece of Part Skim Mozzarella with my usual coffee.

For Lunch I made Mexican Pizza again but minus the Chicken which was followed by my Orange with Dannon FF Activia and Kashi Granola Dessert.

And for Dinner I had a Whole Wheat Pasta mixed with Ragu Chunky Mushroom Marinara and grated Reduced Fat Parm sprinkled on top.

I also snacked on TJ's Trek Mix...have a great night everyone!


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1 comment :

  1. MMmmmm, everything looks great! Love TJ trail mix! I need to go to the states so I can buy some! LOL!!