Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fabulous Day!

I had so much fun ayer!!!!!! Not only was it the little lady's birthday but it was also FIELD DAY for her class!!!! They had various obstacle courses for them to do which was so much fun to watch

She had such a great time! She kept thanking my sis, mom, and me for everything we did and ALL her classmates were calling me "Titi" too ha lol...BTW did you guys see the "eye candy"! her gym teachers are alllll so delish hahahaha.

Now to my eats and workout
Ayer before heading out, I did No More Trouble Zone DVD and 100 situps and burned 500 calories.

Eating Highlights were:
A yummy Cupcake

Olive Garden Salad and Breadstick:

And Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo (I asked for the lunch dish since it was smaller and only 670 Calories)
The man sitting next to use found out it was Hailey's Birthday so he gave her a free magic show, right there on the spot which WE all loved except when he lit his wallet on fire right next to my face "D'oh". It was an all around great day! and Part 2 is on Sunday; my sister rented out this place called Playrobics which is basically a fun zone for kids (and grownups) which has a maze, arcades, lazer tag, FOOD etc.
I was planning to workout again when I got home but I was soooo tired from all the running around so I just crashed on my couch and watched Gossip Girl ha.

This Morning I did 2 mile Start Walking and 100 situps and burned 352 in 40 Minutes
Post Workout Snack: 1 scoop Light Muscle Milk
and for Breakfast a 100 calorie WW bagel with TJ Almond Butter and an orange and my usual coffee (can you say Groundhog Day?)
Have a great day everyone!!!

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