Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feliz Dia De Hump!

The Title is self explanatory lol....

I am so happy that the week is almost over lol...I wish I could go away on vacation or something...I need a VACATION but I am so broke =( sad panda...

So my birthday is coming up in about 2 months and I am trying to figure out what I want. I was thinking of perhaps getting a WII and WII Fit but NOW they came out with WII Active! The only thing is, is that the WII Active does not have Yoga... Sad Panda...maybe I will ask for one and just buy the other for myself AND I also want the WII Fit bundle in pink lol...Ever since I lost weight, whenever my birthday rolls around, I always ask for some sort of fitness gift lol. Do you guys ask for that too? Last year I wanted new Asics and my ex got me a Kettlebell.

Eats and Workouts:
I don't know what is going on but lately I am craving burgers ALL THE TIME! is it because Summer is right around the corner and when I think of Summer, I think of barbecues? Ayer for lunch I had Burger with Mozzarella, Onions, Lettuce, and Tomatos in a Whole Wheat Wrap. Even though I said NO MAYO, they still put some in grrrr but honestly it tasted sooooo good (like a Whopper) and they automatically send fries which I ate; I tried to just eat just half (pictured) but I ended up eating ALL OF THEM!

Now since life is all about balance, I made sure that din din was much healthier. I made Veggie Stirfry with 1/2 cup brown rice

My workout consisted of 2 Mile Start Walking, 30 mins of Pilates, a few Back moves, and 100 situps; total of 1 hr and 35 minutes and burned 500 calories.

I was craving something sweet so I had 1 tbsp of Jif PB

This morning I did Jillians 30 Day Shred Level 2 and 50 situps; 259 Calories Burned. For Breakfast I gave Oikos another try but this time I added a packet of Splenda and Summer Berry Granola with an Orange on the side and my usual coffee

I really love the texture of Oikos and the Splenda helped the sour taste =)

Have a great day everyone!



  1. The title is crazy funny, my blogging version of Dora!

    I have also been into all the summer grilled foods and fruits. They just taste better!

    I haven't bought fitness toys because I get bored of them and use my gym, but I love the concept!

  2. Yes! I always ask for fitness related gifts too :) Or cookbooks, haha.

    I love Summer Berry granola! Have a great day.


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