Sunday, May 24, 2009

Party Highlights...

I am sooooo tired! This was a long looooooong day filled with yummy food and great times.

I ate some pieces of an Italian Hero, they were tiny so I had 3 in total (and 2 more just now). I also had some finger foods, macaroni salad, and a small piece of Carvel Cake.

The party was great except for when my niece fell down and got a bloody nose. I almost fainted AND I started to cry when I saw her in pain, as you can see I am very attached to her.

After the party some of us went to the park to play in playground and of course I went on the swings. I wonder how many calories that burns hehe

My sister gave me a goody bag which I just finished while I watched Law and Order =). It was filled with Starburst and mini chocolate candy yuuuums.

I am exhausted! Have a great night...



  1. Tasty time!
    And eek bloody nose! I am so scared of those. I used to get them a lot, and it was sooo disgusting, because they would come out from my mouth too. I thought I had nose cancer. LOL, it was intense. :P

  2. OMG me too!!!!! I was the "bloody nose girl"

  3. wow, you really do love your niece! you commented on my blog that you don't fight with your sis for too long because you love your niece...that makes me wonder if I'll have such an affection for my niece and nephews in the future as well!
    EE HEE HEHH HEE!!! LOVE the mini hot dogs!

  4. love those mini hotdogs, and do you know I was craving an Italian Hero yesterday? yum! :)


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