Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protein Day

When I first tried to lose weight, I saw a nutritionist on a biweekly basis and I really owe a lot of my success to her. One of the things that she made me do was incorporate Protein Days twice a week (on the two days before my weigh ins) and I believe that really helped me shed the lbs. Lately I have strayed away from the core things that helped me and I need to refocus. So on that note, Protein Days are back on Wednesday and Thursdays; the main objective of this is to try to stay away from Grains on these two days.

Workouts and Eats:
I was starving before Lunch ayer, so I had Honey Nut Cheerios

Guess what I had for lunch???? YUP another burger but this was one was VERY different from the day before. It had NO MAYO, less than half of the Cheese and it was loaded with veggies, OH and NO FRIES! lol..It still tasted yummy and much more healthier.

For Din Din I was craving a Pepperoni Pizza but instead of dialing Papa John's, I made my own on a WW Pita and it was just as good. I used 8 slices of Pepperoni, WW Pita, Part Skim Mozzarella, and Ragu Chunky Mushroom Marinara

Last night I did Turbo Jam 20 minute workout, Turbo Abs and 50 situps and burned 291 calories in 40 minutes.

Since I am hopefully going to Zumba tonight, I only did 25 minutes of Toning and 100 situps this morning and burned 123 Calories.

Another thing that I have been finding Challenging is getting up in the morning to get at least a 45 min workout! Ever since the time change which was about 2 months ago, my body is still not used to it. I was able to get up at 6:30 with no problem but lately I hit snooze over and over again. I have tried going to bed earlier, going to be later, etc and nothing is working. The norm is getting up around 7am and only doing 30 minutes which is NOT bad but I just liked getting a really good workout done before I left the house. I think I am going to start putting my alarm across the room so I have to get up to turn it off...What tricks do you use to get your butt out of bed to workout?

Ohh I almost forgot ha...right now I am eating Grapes and Part Skim Mozzarella with my usual coffee for Breakfast

Have a great day!


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