Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Realistic Biggest Loser

How many of you guys watch Biggest Loser? I am a huge fan, except for last season..I could not stand that Husband and Wife so I had to stop watching. Last night was a really good episode, I LOVE the fact that their weight loss was much more realistic when they went home and did it on their own. It was great to see the ladies lose 7 and 10 pounds because it makes my 2 lb weight loss last week the "norm". I think Tara looks AMAZING; I am so proud of her AND it was great to see some of the winners from previous seasons and seeing that they were able to keep it off too. I am not a Huge Ron fan but last night I could not hold the tears back, that was really emotional.

Calories vs Weight Watchers
As you all know I am a WW girl but recently I have been wondering if I should switch over to calorie counting. I have never really counted calories and I tried it out ayer for the first time and I am not sure if I really like it. Counting Points has become 2nd nature to me and I hope that calorie counting will also be that easy. My friend (Ami) told me to try it out and see if I like it. She said something that hit home; Weight Watchers did work for me in the past but I have to find what works for me NOW not 3 years ago. Today I will try to keep a tally of my calorie intake, do you guys prefer Calorie King or Calorie Count?

Now to my Eats and Workouts:
Last night I rushed home and did Jillian's Kickboxing DVD, 100 situps, and stretch and burned 308 calories. Since I was in a rush, my dinner was 2 scoops of Light Muscle Milk

When I got back home I did 50 minutes of Cardio, Kettlebell, and Arms and burned another 324 calories.

This Morning I FINALLY woke up and worked out! I recorded myself the night before saying "WAKE UP and workout, you know you will feel great when it is over, get up and do it. It's a new day, a fresh start etc" and set it as my alarm on my phone lol and it WORKED! I did fight it for about 15 minutes but finally I got up and did "Women's Health" DVD: warmp up, cardio, and cool down, 50 situps, and stretch and burned 322 Calories in 40 minutes

Post workout Snack: 1 scoop of Light Muscle Milk

Breakfast this morning is a 100 Calorie WW bagel with smear of TJ Almond Butter, grapes, and my usual coffee.

If my math is correct, I have consumed around 455 calories so far this morning....hmmmm interesting =)


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