Saturday, June 13, 2009

Biggest Fear...

Ever since I was little girl, I had one huge fear...BIRDS FLYING INDOORS! And you can only imagine how scared I was when I went to gym this morning and I found a bird flying around! If you look at the pic above, you will see him sitting on the Papertowel. It took me one cut arm, two broken window screens, and half an hour to finally get him out. Ohhh and some of my granola to lure him lol.

I had 2 scoops of Light Muscle Milk before heading to the Gym. At the Gym I ate my Nature Valley Granola Bar and my usual Coffee. For Lunch I mixed an Avocado, Tomato, and Garlic and ate it with French Onion Sunchips. It was supposed to be guac but I forgot to get some other ingredients at the supermarket.

Last night I did 45 minutes of abs...Thanks April!!! This morning I slept in since I knew I was going to workout at the gym so I just did the warmup and cardio of my Women's Health DVD and 5 mins of stretch and burned 271 Calories. At the gym I did the Circuit for 40 minutes followed by 5 mins of stretch and burned 408 Calories.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. What'd you think of the workout?? I'm so happy you tried it! I'm still new at blogging so it makes me happy when people mention me haha

  2. Great workout! Haha, that bird would've scared me too ;-)

  3. Hey girls!!!! April the workout was GREAT! At first I was upset because I was not sore on Saturday morning but then I started feeling it in the evening and even now I am still sore...I REALLY love it lol thanks again

  4. Yeah for some weird reason the soreness kicks in later! If you do the moves back to back with no rest in between that'll do it as well lol


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