Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am sooooo hungry!

It is 12:45 and I have not had 1 morsel of food! I am STARVING!!! I had to wake up at 6am to meet a friend of a friend for a job interview but it ended up running late and I did not get home until 11:30. I was planning to eat something when I finally got home but I was in such a rush to change and drive here, that I forgot to eat =(.

Last night, I went shopping with my dad and sis for a suit but didn't find anything that I liked and wasted 2 hours lol (they had a lot of patience with me). When we left the store, we came across something really disturbing. When we were driving home, we passed the train and noticed a whole bunch of commotion (police and crowd of people). We went to go check it out since we live in the area and wanted to make sure it was nothing too serious but it turned out that someone was hit by the train!! AND we could see pieces of their flesh falling from the sky, it was sooooo sad =(

I watched the news and checked the net to see if I can find any info about what exactly happened but nothing came up.

Back to the blog...

Eats (or lack there of):

For Lunch I had the Chicken Avocado Salad from Press 195 but I barely ate 1/2 of it (too stressed)

After shopping we went back to my dad's house for din din which was nice because I was with all my sisters and niece. Everyone wanted Chinese so we ordered a lot of it; my dad always over exaggerates when he buys food. I ended up eating String Beans in Garlic Sauce, Boneless BBQ Spareribs, and Sesame Chicken (white meat)

My Challenge has been good for the most part but only managed to burn 310 calories ayer because I never had a chance to workout again in the afternoon because I got home at 9pm. No workout this morning either since I had to wake up at 6 just to get ready lol...damn this blog is pretty non inspirational today...sorry for sounding so BLAH lol

Have a great day!


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