Friday, June 19, 2009

Jil Jil Makes Me Smile...

I am so happy! Ayer I had a looooooooooong day and when I got home I was greeted by Jil Jil =). I can not wait to dive into this magazine over the weekend! and here is the best part, Jil Jil and I were both in SELF! I wish it was the same month though; it would have been more special ha

(my 15 seconds of fame)


Ayer for Lunch I had an order of Beef and Broccoli.

For Din Din, I had a cup of Spanish Style Black Beans mixed with Onions, Peppers, and Sweet Potato and for "dessert" I had a Smoothie made with 2 scoops of Light Muscle Milk and Strawberries

This Morning I had 1 scoop of Chocolate Light Muscle Milk after my workout

And for Breakfast I just had a 100 Calorie WW Bagel with 1tbsp of PB and grapes on the side with my usual Coffee


Before I even begin, let me tell you that workouts have been really hard lately because of this weather; my apt feels so muggy/humid.

Ayer when I got home from work I did 3 Mile Start Walking and some abs and burned 525 calories in 65 minutes. This morning I did 30 Day Shred Level 1 and 10 minutes of Jillian's Kickboxing DVD and burned 335 Calories in 35 Minutes. I cut my workout short because I had to run some errands before coming into work.

Weigh In
I reluctantly weighed myself this morning, I had a feeling that I would be up because of all the Chinese food I ate lately and I was right. It is nothing too serious though. I went up .6 lbs.
Have a great day!!!
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  1. Your in a magazine?? How awesome!! Is that the newest Self? Cause I haven't gotten that one in the mail yet!

  2. I was in Self in March of 2008 =) and Jillian is on the Cover of the latest one....I WISH I was in her issue ha

  3. That is so cool that you were in SELF and congrats on that weight loss, I didn't realize how much you had lost before :) And don't sweat that 0.6, your workouts have been awesome so it'll go back down before you know it. Have a great weekend!

  4. I told you that you are the NYC version of Jill...unless that's where she's from! I think I go up .6 pounds in one hour during the day, so don't worry about it! Good job this week!

  5. you know I have that pic of you saved :) and in one of my posts too.

    go girl! ;)

  6. ha thanks mansana!

    awwww koosh that's so sweet jen =) thanks