Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Challenge

I have been keeping up with the Morning Workout Challenge thus far and I feel great! This inspired me to start a new Challenge. I have become a tad obsessive with Calories being burned a week, and it does not help that my watch gives me a total for the week with a touch of a button so my challenge this week is not to check how many calories I burned in total but just focus on the day. My goal is to burn at least 450 Calories a day (500 will be ideal) and not worry what I did the day before. I will only check the tally on Monday Morning when I am prompted by my watch =)

Ayer I got home around 3ish and was SO tired! I had a horrible headache and just wanted to relax on my couch...I snacked on left over Sunchips

I was craving Chinese Food for "Linner" and ordered a small order of Shrimp Lo Mein with Crab Rangoons. It was not the healthiest thing in the world but everything in moderation

This morning after my workout I had 1 scoop of Light Chocolate Muscle Milk

And for Breakfast I had 5 Strawberries with a 100 WW Bagel with PB and my usual coffee

Last night I did 15 mins Warmup (dancing like a fool) and 1 hour of Core and Back moves and burned 462 Calories. This morning I did Boost Your Metabolism and 70 situps and burned 484 Calories.

Zumba Dilemma:
I have been having issues with my Zumba Class, I don't think I want to go back again. 1) I am not too fond of my Teacher, she is a tad snobby and does not make you feel very welcomed and 2) These new girls that joined are sucking the life out of the class. I don't have fun anymore when I go and really am rethinking attending it again. And lets not forget the money aspect...the class is $10 per class and in a year that is $520 bucks!!!! The main reason I like the class is because I burn so many calories but is it worth it? Have you guys ever stopped taking a class because you did not like the instructor?

Have a fabulous day!


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