Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Challenge

I have been keeping up with the Morning Workout Challenge thus far and I feel great! This inspired me to start a new Challenge. I have become a tad obsessive with Calories being burned a week, and it does not help that my watch gives me a total for the week with a touch of a button so my challenge this week is not to check how many calories I burned in total but just focus on the day. My goal is to burn at least 450 Calories a day (500 will be ideal) and not worry what I did the day before. I will only check the tally on Monday Morning when I am prompted by my watch =)

Ayer I got home around 3ish and was SO tired! I had a horrible headache and just wanted to relax on my couch...I snacked on left over Sunchips

I was craving Chinese Food for "Linner" and ordered a small order of Shrimp Lo Mein with Crab Rangoons. It was not the healthiest thing in the world but everything in moderation

This morning after my workout I had 1 scoop of Light Chocolate Muscle Milk

And for Breakfast I had 5 Strawberries with a 100 WW Bagel with PB and my usual coffee

Last night I did 15 mins Warmup (dancing like a fool) and 1 hour of Core and Back moves and burned 462 Calories. This morning I did Boost Your Metabolism and 70 situps and burned 484 Calories.

Zumba Dilemma:
I have been having issues with my Zumba Class, I don't think I want to go back again. 1) I am not too fond of my Teacher, she is a tad snobby and does not make you feel very welcomed and 2) These new girls that joined are sucking the life out of the class. I don't have fun anymore when I go and really am rethinking attending it again. And lets not forget the money aspect...the class is $10 per class and in a year that is $520 bucks!!!! The main reason I like the class is because I burn so many calories but is it worth it? Have you guys ever stopped taking a class because you did not like the instructor?

Have a fabulous day!



  1. 500 calories a day? Dang! I burned 500 calories yesterday for the first time in a long time I was so proud! lol. I don't really go to a spinning class anymore just because the instructor isn't very motivating and doesn't push you. Plus her music is too slow!

  2. Thats another thing, her music is the SAME every week! it's like popping in a workout dvd lol....

  3. It sounds to me like you have lots of reasons not to go. Perhaps you could find another class or a Zumba DVD? Good luck. I love the new challenge, I need to figure out my next one too, now that I've gone a whole week without ice cream!

  4. KUDOS on the Ice cream! I have resisted it too (thanks to you) =) but I DID buy some SF Jello Pudding which are only 60 Calories =)...Tricking myself lol

  5. (dancing like a fool) love it, I do that too.

    I would skip that class - you will find another one :)

    I have been craving sweets the past two days, I don't know what to do about it, lol!

    remember that it's not the # that matters right? ;)

  6. aren't there any other Zumba instructors around that you could take from? if you go to zumba.com and select "find classes", you should be able to find some in your area.

    YES! I will go out of my way to find a good instructor if the current one sucks. (I AM a Zumba Instructor but i'm talking about BodyPump).....

    I can't STAND it when a BodyPump instructor is off-beat, doesn't know the routine well enough, or is YELLING IN THE MIC THE WHOLE TIME. that's enough to make me never come back. So, i hear ya,girl, i hear ya.

    And YEs, everything in moderation BUT if you are TRUELY serious about losing weight, you must eat healthy... no more junk food... junk food in moderation is an oxymoron. Junk food is just that--junk. so do you think junk in moderation is okay for you? nope. I learned the hard way. I thought, if i only eat a CHEESEBURGER from mcd's twice or 3 times a week NO FRIES and a diet coke, that should be okay. it wasn't. my body sucked and i am supposed to be an example being that i'm a groupfitness/Zumba instructor to my peeps. so i had to have WILL POWER to STOP EATING CRAP. I am always cooking or eating healthy now.

    anyhow, i hope you find a better instructor. sorry yours sucks. :o( maybe if you tell her she'll get a clue. lol good luck, mama!

  7. Anissa- thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually found this class on zumba.com and it was best one because it was the closest and the time was perfect. All the other were too far etc. The class itself was good but I just felt like she thought she was doing us a favor. I work in a gym too and I try my hardest to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

    In regards to my eating, Moderation is what works best for me because if not, I might binge. I too work in the fitness field and try my hardest to be the "best me" but every so often I crave some thing "naughty" and I won't deny myself. I think what I do most of the time is what is most important. I am not speaking for other but for myself personally =). Thanks again for stopping by.


  8. If you don't like the instructor, that's just not worth it, unless you're good at tuning the instructor out and you still get a good workout out of it.
    And I like your motto: everything in moderation!


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