Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oikos Rocks!!!!

Here I am still home sick and I had to run downstairs to move my car for alternate side parking and when I was coming back in, I checked my mailbox and Oikos totally made my morning better! I had a package filled with coupons, literature, and even a reusable bag which I love because I ALWAYS use my own bags. I can not wait to feel better and put my coupons to good use! Thank you Kristina! And look for my Oikos review later this week.

As I mentioned, I am stll sick. Last night I did a light work out and layed down for about 10 minutes and then boom it hit me! I threw up =(. I was hoping to feel better this morning but I still feel uneasy. The strange thing is, that even though I feel like crap, I still crave "comfort foods". Ayer for lunch all I wanted was a diner burger with fries and onion rings. I knew that this was not the best choice but I even waited an hour to see if it would pass and nope so that's what I ordered. I did however make dinner a tad healthier; I made a smoothie with Light Muscle Milk and


  1. I always crave comfort foods when I'm sick, too...though my idea of comfort foods is sort of different from yours!
    and yup, Oikos rocks!
    take care, and feel better dearie!

  2. that burger looks so good!! :)

    feel better!

  3. Love the reusable bag, I didn't get one of those, haha. Hope you are feeling better!


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