Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things...

You all know how much I love love love Ice Cream and I love Rainbow Cookie just as much. They are my favorite thingsto buy whenever I am at a bakery.
Today I tasted Heaven... Rainbow Cookie Italian Ice!!! Omg it was sooooo good! I brought a quart and I think I had about 2 cups so far. If it makes it through the rest of the day, it will be a miracle lol

Today I was craving Jamaican Curry Goat from my fave restaurant in the Rockaways so my sis, neice, and I took a drive out there when I got out of work. This is the only place where I can eat this from...the Curry is not overpowering like some other places. While I was there, I also purchased a Beef Patty with Cheese. I guess I was really hungry since I forgot to take breakfast to work =(

This morning before work I did 5 Circuits of Boost Your Metabolism and 50 Situps and burned 364 Calories. After my workout I had 2 scoops of Light Muscle Milk.

While at work, I squeezed in 30 minutes of the Circuit. It was really busy so I tried to just focus on toning (burned 223 Calories)

Have a great Saturday!!!!!


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  1. jamaican curry goat? sounds darn amazing.
    and haha, way to combine two of your fav things into one!

  2. Is that workout a dvd? Sounds great!

  3. ajangel- Boost Your Metabolism is one of Jillian Michael's new DVD's...I heart all her workouts...btw thank you for stopping by my blog =)

    Sophia- ohhhh it WAS delish! but the ice was better and it is ALSO gone it bad to have italian ice for din din? because I did lol oops