Friday, June 5, 2009

What If It Were You...

...Hanging up on this wall??? During Lent I could not get that damn song out of my head because of all the Filet-O-Fish commercials and the crappy thing was that I gave up fastfood during Lent but I got to eat it today with small fries! I took my niece and sis there for din din and then went to my sister's house and watched the movie "The Ex" which was pretty funny. Btw I know some (or most) of you are anti fastfood but I love it! Please don't throw stones at me lol.

For lunch I had a 1/2 of my usual Cheeseburger in a WW Wrap, it was not "well done" so I tossed the other half and only ate half the fries. I was still hungry so I ate 1/2 a container of Honey Nut Cheerios (no pic)

I just worked out for one hour and burned 371 Calories, The routine included Cardio, Kettlebell moves, 50 Situps, and stretch....

I guess I should head to bed since I work at the gym mañana....g'night!


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