Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food Should Taste Good...And It Does.

A couple of months ago Dani from Food Should Taste Good sent me some coupons to try out their products and I finally picked them up today!

I decided to review these products from an adult point of view and a child's too with Hailey's assistance.  The Supermarket only had three flavors which was perfect because I had three coupons. We got Olive, The Works, and Sweet Potato

When I grabbed these the first thing Hailey said was "eww I don't like olive". This was the first bag we tried and we were both pleasantly surprised. These were Tortilla Chips made with Black, Green, Kalamata Olives with Garlic and Sea Salt.  These would go great with Hummus.  Hailey wants me to say that she liked these =) and so did I.

The Works.
We were split on this one. I enjoyed these but Hailey said they were not her fave and made a "sour face". I think their was too much going on for her in this chip. The Works is a Tortilla Chip made with Poppy and Caraway Seeds with Minced Garlic and Onion. For some reason I think these would be great with some Cream Cheese.

Sweet Potato
These are definitely the winner! The first thing Little Lady said when I opened the bag was "WOW Titi these smell like Mcdonald's French Fries!"...I knew we found a winner. Whenever I make Baked SP Fries this is what I want them to taste like but I can never get the spices right but Food Should Taste Good mastered this. On the back of the bag they make some suggestions on what would taste good with this chip and I say "why mess with a good thing" lol. These chips are perfect on their own but if I had to pair it with something it would be a burger lol.

I will definitely buy these again and hope to find more flavors! Thank You Dani!!!!!


-- Namaste
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