Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Independence day!!!!

I am scared of fireworks so I usually stay home on 4th of no likey loud booms lol

Btw sorry for the two similar posts below...the one that was lost in cybers space, posted around 3am...gotta love technology lol

This morning I woke up around 8ish and had a mini Banana (the size of my middle finger) with a smear of PB before my workout. For todays workout I did "No More Trouble Zone" DVD & Jillian's Kickboxing DVD and ended it with 100 situps and burned 705 Calories. 
For Bfast I just had 2 Kashi Strawberry Waffles with sliced Strawberries and lite Syrup and Iced Coffee. I think the Banana and PB was a perfect pre workout snack...I did not feel "heavy" and I was not sluggish...

My sister helped me put up my ac ayer and I am not the only one enjoying it lol...

Have a great 4th!!!!

-- Namaste
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