Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is It Friday Yet???

I am so tired this morning...I woke up thinking it was already Friday but nope not so much lol...I can already feel that today is going to be a looooooooooong day at work. It is only 9:45 am and my boss is already irking me lol

Eats and Workouts:
Ayer for Lunch I had Greek Meatballs (I only ate 5, I gave one to my coworker so he could try it) and Grilled Veggies with Tzatziki Sauce
After work I went to my mom's house for din din; she made Pork Chops with Tostones
She gave me two pieces of meat but I took one home to eat tomorrow for Protein Day. She also made Bread Pudding with Guava Paste, I ended up having two pieces and took some home =)
When I finally got home, I did my Kettle Bell DVD and burned 353 Calories.
This Morning before my workout I had a mini Banana
Then I did Jillian's Kickboxing DVD, the PLAN was to do 3 mile Start Walking right after but Exercise TV took it off! D'OH!!!! You had to see me checking allllll the listings about 3 times making sure I did not miss it....they ALSO took away Jillian's new workouts...Thank God I have the DVD's for those. I ended up doing my Tae Bo "Favorite Moves" DVD and realized that it was NOT my favorite moves lol. I wish they would bring back the ORIGINAL Tae Bo workouts for DVD; those were so great. I ended up burning 558 Calories in 70 Minutes.
After my workout I had 1 scoop of LMM
And this morning for Breakfast I had a piece of Bread Pudding with iced Coffee
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Have a great day everyone!!!!!
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  1. I WAS SO Tired today as well! Couldn't wait to finish my 3 mile run...I am trying out new energy bars, and they totally help! Check them out for a giveaway!

  2. Love the breakfast! Friday will be here before we know it ;-)

  3. bread pudding? sweet!
    ahahah, please don't hold the banana like that...;-)

  4. hahahaha Sophia what are you thinking about?!?!?!