Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Already?!

Wow I blinked and the weekend was gone. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to recharge their battery =)

Weekend Eating Highlights:
I tried really hard to behave this weekend and I did for the most part except for some Chips Ahoy Cookies that I had while I was babysitting my niece ayer =)
Here is a brief recap of some of my Eats:
Saturday Din Din was a Veggie Lovers Pizza from Namaste Mari =)...I used a WW Wrap, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Part Skim Mozzarella, and Marinara Sauce
I have been craving Pancakes for about a week now and was super ecstatic to see that my local supermarket is finally carrying Fiber One Pancake Mix. These were really good and if your a pancake fan, I highly recommend these.
I paired it with some Strawberries and light Syrup
If you guys saw my previous post, you saw that I was trying out Food Should Taste Good chips and suggested that the Olive ones would go great with Hummus well it turns out they go great with my Beans too =). For Din Din ayer, I had Olive FSTG chips with my usual Black Beans, Melted Part Skim Mozzarella and pieces of Avocado and it tasted amazing!
I brought some more bananas this week to have before my workouts but they are still very green so I had to have Strawberries this morning
After my workout, I had 1 Scoop of LMM
For Bfast, I had Grapes with a 100 Calorie WW Bagel with a smear of PB and my usual (iced) coffee.
I took it easy ayer and just went to Yoga Class but decided to drive there to give my lower body a rest and burned 311 Calories. This morning I went running/power walking which was a little painful; my shins were hurting and followed it with a stretch and some abs and burned 544 Calories in 70 minutes.
Have you guys ever tried to ripen Bananas faster? I Googled it and found out that if you put Bananas in a bag with an apple this will help so I am trying that out

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