Thursday, July 16, 2009

YAY Weekend is Almost Here!

I am so happy that this week is almost over! I am taking next week off and just relaxing =) I predict a lot of Pancake Breakfasts next week lol...

Eats and Workouts
Ayer for Lunch I had Black Beans with Sweet Potato, Onions and Red Peppers. Topped with Avocado and a side of Grapes. It does not look that great but it tasted very good =)

After work I ran to my mom's house; she was having her living room painted and I wanted to make sure everything looked nice. I was starving while I was there so I snacked on these Pretzels. And let me tell you, these were probably the best Crunchy Pretzels that I ever had! They were sweet and salty and only had 110 Calories per servingI asked my mom to get me a container the next time she goes back to Bj's

When I got home I made a Smoothie for Din Din which consisted of Frozen Strawberries and 1 scoop of Vanilla LMM

Right before bed I did Shape Pilates DVD and 10 mins of Yoga Stretches focusing on my legs and burned 166 Calories in 40 minutes.

This morning I had a mini Banana before my workout

And then did Turbo Jam Cardio Party, a little bit of Abs and a lot of Stretching and burned 408 Calories.

After my workout I had one scoop of Vanilla LMM

For Breakfast I had Strawberries, Oikos Honey Yogurt ( I love this) and my usual coffee (iced).

Damn you GNC ((((((slow and whispering for emphasis))))) Damn you GNC!
I am going nuts! I am trying to get my Chocolate LMM at GNC because it is on sale this week and I called ayer and the owner said that they did not have Chocolate but are getting a shipment in the afternoon and I should call back. I called around 5ish and the man was so rude! "Ma'am I have a lot of boxes, over 150 and I will not know until tomorrow evening" grrrrrr....first off I have been to that store many times and it is TEENY TINY and I know that he does not have 150 boxes to check...Ohhhh well thats that...

Have a fabulous day!!!!

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