Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Hit

Evening! I hope ya'll had a good day =)

I ended up going to the doctor today and found out that I have an infection in my throat and my lungs are congested.  He put me on Antibiotics for the next 5 days and also prescribed me some cough medicine. He also told me I couldn't workout today (sad panda).  Oh and I have to miss work again mañana because I am contagious until I take my second dose of Antibiotics.

After my doctor's appointment I went to CVS to get my meds and then ran next door to the Pizzaria to get lunch. I got a pint of Chicken Noodle Soup which was loaded with so many veggies that I ended up just eating them and the chicken and tossed the noodles. I also got a Jamaican Beef Patty. I don't know about in other places but you can always find (Jamaican) Beef Patties in (Italian) Pizzaria's in NYC. Gotta love the blending of cultures =)

Since I was put on Antibiotics I decided to make some changes to tonight's Green Monster. Instead of using LMM, I decided to use Oikos Honey Yogurt. TMI coming up...Antibiotics usually have a negative effect on women including myself so I try to eat a lot of yogurt while I am on them.  Besides the Yogurt, I also added 1/2 a Frozen Banana, Spinach, Splenda, 1 tbsp of PB, and water. This tasted even better than last nights! What took me so long to get into Green Monster...I was missing out. I think mañana will be a mix of Strawberries AND Banana! 

Have a fabulous evening...I'm going to catch up on some DVR shows and then watch the Season Premiere of Flipping Out on Bravo...I love Jeff! he is so neurotic (like me) lol


-- Namaste
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