Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bring "Home Fries" To Work Day

Before I begin, let me just say that I am so grateful for everyone who left a comment on my previous post. It was hard for me to share that part of my past but I am glad that I did...

I decided since I am the Jefe (boss) for the remainder of the week and the beginning of next, that I will bring my niece to work with me! And I must say, she is a great assistant! I just hope she does not get bored since there is not much to do but at least she can watch DVD's on the computers...

Eats and Workouts
Have you ever ate something and thought "Omigod this is Amazing" and then you eat it another time and its just not the same...this happened to me ayer. Remember a few weeks back, I ordered a Steak Sandwich from Press 195? Remember how I raved about it? Well ayer I wanted to eat it again...It looked the same, it had the same ingredients but it was an impostor!

it looks good right? WRONG! The meat was soooo hard and it lacked flavor.

I ended up scooping out the Meat

I just ate the WW Wrap with the Mozzarella Cheese, Avocado Slices, Sweet Onion Jam, and Creamy Roasted Pepper Dressing. Honestly I think one of those two "condiments" were missing because this tasted nothing like the last time.

Thankfully we ordered fries to share and they saved the day! I dipped them in BBQ Sauce and Roasted Garlic Sauce (Double Yums)

I had to run errands after work and by the time I got home, I was starving but did not feel like cooking so I threw a Quick Din Din together. I ended up making a Quesadilla with a WW Wrap, Part Skim Mozzarella, American Cheese, and Home Made Guacamole on the side.

Before Bed did 35 Minutes of my EA Active Challenge and burned 240 Calories.
This Morning before my workout, I had a half Banana

Then I did the Cardio, Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core sections of my Women's Health DVD and burned 441 Calories in 1 Hour.

After my workout I had 1 Scoop of Light Muscle Milk

For Breakfast I had Oikos Honey Yogurt, the other half of my Banana and my usual Iced Coffee

Have a great day!


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