Sunday, August 23, 2009

Date Night (With My Dad)

Hey everyone! 

As I mentioned ayer, I was planning to go out to dinner with dad. At first I thought I was beeing stood up because I kept calling his phone but I was getting his voicemail. He finally called me around 7:30 and told me he was napping with my little sister lol. He picked me up around 8ish and asked where I wanted to go but we already knew what I was going to say the "Jardin".

The Jardin De China has been around for as long as I can remember. My parents would actually go on dates here way before I was born. I honestly think the decor is exactly the same as it was when it first opened; it has a Disco feel to it lol.  

The menu is Asian Spanish Fusion...I love that the waiters whom are all Asian, speak better spanish than me and most have been there since it first opened.

My dad ordered his usual Wonton Soup to start with and then we both ordered the same dish, Bistec Palomilla a La Plancha which is Pan Fried Beef Steak with onions. His came with Platano Maduros (Fried Sweet Plantains) and I got mine with French Fries. It also comes with a huge plate of white rice and your choice of beans; I picked red =). I love coming here because I know the food will never let me down and I love how we are greeted when we walk in (think of Norm in Cheers lol)

After dinner they brought us our Fortune Cookies...mine said "Your destiny lies before you, choose wisely"

The usual date night routine is dinner and a movie but for my dad and me it was dinner and Home Depot ha! He kept me there for about an hour to look for some things he needed for a job he is doing. After Home Depot we went back to his house for a little bit to check out a cake his wife made. It was a Mickey Mouse Cake with Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, it turned out really nice and you know I had to steal a cupcake lol. I also ended up stealing a movie while I was there "The Orphan" which I watched late last night.

It was the best "date" I had in ages lol...thanks dad!!!!!!!


-- Namaste
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